Starting My Jiu-Jitsu Journal

I have heard many times that keeping a journal of my journey in Jiu Jitsu can help progress. It is with the desire to progress in the art that I decided to start one. It is also the desire to share the journey to hopefully inspire others that I decided to keep this journal online.

As of the time of this post I have been a student of Gracie Barra Spring Hill for a month. I have received my first stripe. I am going to break this time down into weeks in this first post and cover some of what I learned in lessons and from rolling.

Week 1

During this week we worked on breaking the Turtle position.

During the rolling this week I was pretty ineffective. I tried to turn everything into a scramble.

Week 2

Headlock and side control escapes as well as submissions from side control.

This week I finally got a chance to relax and remembered to be present. Once I was able to relax I could focus on defense that didn’t exhaust me.

Week 3

This week we worked on breaking guard. We also worked on chokes from the escape as well as armbars.

This week I was able to focus on stringing together attacks from the bottom. I set goals for the week and reach most of them. This was a major step for me in building my game.

Week 4

Side control, mount, and knee on belly were worked on. Escapes and chokes were worked on.

This week was a short week due to holidays, but I still found productivity. I stopped relying on defense and someone making a mistake to set up an offensive attack and started pushing positions to gain the advantage.

This was also the week I was promoted.


Regaining my “cool” under pressure while being able to apply pressure to my opponent from top or bottom were major parts of my game development.

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