Starting My Jiu-Jitsu Journal

I have heard many times that keeping a journal of my journey in Jiu Jitsu can help progress. It is with the desire to progress in the art that I decided to start one. It is also the desire to share the journey to hopefully inspire others that I decided to keep this journal online.

As of the time of this post I have been a student of Gracie Barra Spring Hill for a month. I have received my first stripe. I am going to break this time down into weeks in this first post and cover some of what I learned in lessons and from rolling.

Week 1

During this week we worked on breaking the Turtle position.

During the rolling this week I was pretty ineffective. I tried to turn everything into a scramble.

Week 2

Headlock and side control escapes as well as submissions from side control.

This week I finally got a chance to relax and remembered to be present. Once I was able to relax I could focus on defense that didn’t exhaust me.

Week 3

This week we worked on breaking guard. We also worked on chokes from the escape as well as armbars.

This week I was able to focus on stringing together attacks from the bottom. I set goals for the week and reach most of them. This was a major step for me in building my game.

Week 4

Side control, mount, and knee on belly were worked on. Escapes and chokes were worked on.

This week was a short week due to holidays, but I still found productivity. I stopped relying on defense and someone making a mistake to set up an offensive attack and started pushing positions to gain the advantage.

This was also the week I was promoted.


Regaining my “cool” under pressure while being able to apply pressure to my opponent from top or bottom were major parts of my game development.

The idiocracy of the modern world

Recently I heard that Charlie Brown, Roodalf the red nose reindeer and baby its cold outside are now considered offensive. What has this world come too? I mean, really? Are we that sad of a country that these things now hurt our feelings and should be banned. Is the new bumping NWA playing Dean Martins rendition of “Baby its cold outside” at max volume?

The Journey

Many years ago, I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This was a great time and I truly enjoyed it. However, as with all things, life gets in the way sometimes. And it did with this big time. I had to stop training for a while and I always missed it. 

I recently started back. I am calling this an official reset on my training. My goals now that I am older are more defined and reasonable. I want to achieve black belt status. I want to get back healthy and I want to complete my journey. 

Well, it has been a while since I have posted

As it always seems, I can’t seem to keep up with blogging. I can do it for a while, but then it gets pushed for life events. I am going to get back to pushing myself, but not sure how long this is going to last.

Maybe what I should do is start blogging about some of my passions. I could use tutorials as a way to keep me interested. h

Happy New Years!

As a lot of people do I take the first of the year to meditate, refocus myself and set goals for the new year. I have often thought about keeping these goals in GitHub, but for now that will just live in reminders or Omnifocus. But the question is going to be what is this year going to be like for me?


I am going to focus on getting health this year. From mental health to physical health. All of this will be addressed. I have had a lingering thyroid problem that might be cancer. However, They can only do ultrasounds until it changes in size. I am going to keep focusing on this until it either gets better or we prove it is not harmful.

I have had back issues since a car accident. I have pretty much just ignored the pain and fought through it until this year. I am finally getting into physical therapy and working on fixing the issues. Just these couple of things will allow me to attack the next issue… my weight.

I have went from 250+ down to around 210 – 215 where I sit now. I am going to work to get to 200 even or blow by this time next year. This will improve my overall health and make my hobbies more fun.


Every year we have a chance to win a trip to presidents club. This takes places at different locations all over the world. So this is always going to be in my goals. What I am going to focus on is making this process less stressful. There are some things that I am putting in place that will allow me to bee stress free and productive. Mainly around seeing what is coming at me and clearing what I can quickly. I will likely write more about this as time goes on.


From the hobbies stand point I am going to continue to focus on shooting. I plan on refining my reloading proces and winning at least 3 matches this year.

From a Ham radio perspective, I want to compete in a couple of contests and do well in POTA and the Grid Chase. These will be getting lots of blog time.


Something I never payed a lot of attention to, but that is going to change that this year. The goal is debt free and house. What doo you guys do?

First Parks On The Air Activiation!

Today I decided to take the family out and do an activation. I initially wanted to start with something simple by just going out and making some basic contacts on my KX3 by Elecraft. This was intended to be a simple activation but turned in to a POTA activation.

Parks on the air lives at and from what I can gather is all about getting people out into the beautiful parks we all take for granted.

The basic idea is you pick a park you would like to go make contacts from. Take the family or friends. Hike out. Setup your station. Start making contacts.

But before those contacts start coming in you would need to register and tell people where you will be listening from.  This spotting process is really easy and just pick an open frequency

I went live in KFF-0708 with my family. This is the Stones River battleground here in town. It is a really nice park and one we had ignored as a family.

While we were out we got a few flurries and 10 contacts. It was great fun while it lasted. I wish I could have stayed out and made more, but it was just too cold. I am really thinking about going to another park tomorrow and activating again. If I don’t, I will at least hunt those that have.

If you are into the hobby and haven’t done so please check out and get in valved. If you are not and you see one of us at a part running a radio, stop and talk. We would be happy to teach you about the contacts we are making.