Where I stand on some issues that face us

A lot has is being said recently about the issues that affect this country. I wanted to take a moment to explain where I stand and why. I know this might make some of my friends mad, but these are my feelings on the issues.

  1. The "Living Wage" - The basics of this, as I understand it, goes something like this. Things are becoming more expensive and companies don't really care about you. So to combat this we need to make the minimum wage higher. The figure I keep seeing thrown around is around 15 - 16 dollars an hour.

Here is the problem I see with this. If we believe that companies care more about profits than people. I agree they do. Why would you want to make the cost of the manpower so high that it is cheaper to replace them than keep them?

People come with time off, sick time, not 100% productivity and they don't have perfect customer service. Machines don't have these problems. At least they don't have them to the extent of people. The main reason people haven't been replaced yet is their cost. Cut that factor and boom you have an almost instant replacement.

The other reason this is a bad idea is pure economics. Once you give people a minim wage of around 30k a year inflation will kick in...HARD! Once there is more money in circulation due to these high wages people will start charging more for the basics. That is just the way money works. The people that will be hit the hardest are those that just got more money.

The other problem here is that people on the border of that increase will be kicked even lower in the scale. They will be hit hard and will not be able to afford the extras so those sectors will take a hit. And that would likely increase unemployment and put further strain on social services.

  1. Health Care - Again, my basic understanding here is that healthcare is now a human right and everyone must have it. It is also massively expensive, so again, the government must step in.

First of all, healthcare being a human right is not even remotely true. You are not promised that anyplace. You can argue it should be and that is a good debate, but it is not. I don't give a shit what the UN says. Let's just move on.

The second is the cost and government helping pay for it in some way. The cost has risen because technology has to be paid for, educations have to be paid for, and insurance companies are slow to pay! People of spend years in school and provide services should be rewarded for that time. They should be rewarded. No one wants to work for free.

The truth about taking insurance is that doctors are really giving you a loan each time they see you. They have to pay people to deal with insurance and wait months to get paid. These are business and are run like such. This causes prices to rise.

  1. Imigration - The general concinses by the left seems to be illegal imigration is ok and we should still provide those people with all services that natrilized Americans recieve.

I am not sure that they hell is wrong with people on this issue. The key word here is ILLEGAL!!! They come into the country by illegal means they are criminals. Why the hell should we pay for them? Now I know some people that come over by illegal means work hard and find a way to become citizens. We should give these people our full support and I even feel like they should be celibrated. Anyone that comes over and starts a life and contributes to the American economy should be admired up to. That is what America is. If you come over illegaly and mooch off of others hard work you shoud be thrown out.

Those that want to come over and contribute should be fast tracked and we should grow in that way. If we find a way to do that I think we grow as a country. I also think you should take our language as your primary and our culture. You don't see the Irish still being druids or speaking galic as the primary language do you?

I know there is lots more that I could write about, but this is the core. They are also are being addressed the current administration in the best way possible at the momment.

Why the left think President Trump is dumb

I have been thinking about why the left seems to think Presedent Trump is so bad and dumb. I am not sure if this is the right answer, but it is what it seems to be to me.

He is a man that speaks his mind. With the left this is something they can not stand. They want a man to be subserviant to everyone and not dare show a spine. He does what he says and does not give a rats ass about what the press things. He is here to server the people.

In years past the liberal Presidents have all be mealy mouthed little babies. They tend to worry more about what makes them look good in the press and not about actually working. This makes them a danger to the country.

We are at a pivit point in this country. A time and place that we need strength and courage. We don't need men that back down and refuse to stand for ourselves. We don't need to cater to people that want to kill us. We need to be strong and decisive. That is what President Trump is doing.

Getting sick of this shit

OK, so I know I don't post much and that is ok. I don't like to post about things that already have a ton of content. It is not my intent to be another voice in the crowd.

Lately, there has been a ton of talk on the left about how bad Trump is, how he is a raciest and "Not My President!" So let me be clear. PROVE YOUR STATEMENTS OR SHUT UP! I have seen more hate and violence come from the left during this election that it makes me sick. Did republicans drag democrats out in the street to beet them up when Obama won? NOPE! This double standard "We know what is best for everyone" mentality reminds me of Nazi Germany.

Look is Trump perfect? Nope, he is a man and flawed. Yet, he has done more in his short time in office as any president in recent history. He bans immigration from locations that want to destroy us. The left calls him evil. Obama did the same thing and the left said nothing. Trump is proud of his country and you call him evil. Obama is ashamed of America and many consider him to be a hero. How does this make sense? Someone, please explain this to me?

Now we have states that want to leave the USA because they didn't get their way like petulant children. I say the same now as I did when Texas wanted to do the same thing. LET THEM GO! It would be fun watching the collapse of California as they ran out of money to fund their programs.

For the record. To be clear, black lives matter. I also believe that all lives matter. People have a right to live free and take care of themselves. That does not mean that if your not in a minority that people are free to kill you or harm you because of your views.

Man life can be funny sometimes

I remember the good old days. The days when I had time to write in my blog and keep up with work. I would sit and write things that were meaningless to anyone but myself. This would go on for ever it seemed. I would write and people would not read it, but it made me happy.

Then the older I got that all ended as I started to focus more on other things. I started businesses, picked up hobbies, traveled more for work and spent more time with my family. This lead the blog to sit here and do nothing. I think now is time to address this.

I am going to bring the blog back, but this time it is going to be more of what I want. I am not going to focus on anything else but write about my interests and my opinions. This is not to say that I do not appreciate input, but I am not going to change my opinion or remove a post because someone does not like my grammar.

Stay Tuned.

iPhone 6 plus' killer feature


After a few days with my iPhone 6 plus I have found the killer feature and it was a bit of a surprise. Initially I thought it was just going to be gaming and a great camera. Then I thought it was going to be battery life. I was wrong. As it turns out it is the keyboard.

Normally to take notes and get work done the iPhone could but it was cumbersome. He iPad was better for this, but again it was a little to big. The mini was better but just not right. The 6 plus is perfect. I feel like I can compose much better on this device and with the additions of 3rd party keyboards I can customize the experience to better suit my needs.

So yeah, if you have not tried it give it a shot. Pay attention to how easy it to type and I think you will be sold. 

My Thoughts On BendGate

Recently Apple has been getting some bad press about the 6 plus bending. This blew up all of a sudden and it seems like people just start bashing Apple. After spending some time thinking about it, I have to agree with them. Let me be clear. I would not expect many phones to be able to with stand much intentional bending like in the video. However, Apple could have faired a bit better.

Apple has an obsession with design. This is what many people, including myself, love about the company. It is this very obsession with design that is causing this problem. They want to make the phone thiner every year, but in doing so they sacrifice battery life, camera performance, and structural integrity. If they would have kept the thickness of the iPhone 5 the phone would have faired far better int his type of condition. Just imagine for a moment that they had kept the 5s thickness. The camera, while being amazing as is, could have been that much better. What about the 6plus batter? That would have been fantastic!

I know that the we are out of luck for the 6s 6s plus or what ever Apple decides to call it, but here is my list of what I am hoping for.

  • iPhone 5 thickness
  • Larger battery
  • Thinner bezel
  • Sapphire screen

Undocumented Continuity / Hand Off Feature?

While playing around with my iPhone today, I notice a feature that I have not heard anyone talk about. It has to do with continuity and hand offs. When double tap to bring up the application control you can swipe all the way to the left you can continue any application that supports the feature.

In this case I was wanting to open a site from my Mac on my iPhone. This is a pretty handy feature!

Apple Sells 10 Million iPhones in 3 days

iMore has reported Apple sells over 10 million handsets in the first three days. This has lead to long delays in customers receiving pre-ordered devices and a general feeling that this is the big hit Apple has been waiting for since the launch of the iPad.

I for one am one of those pre-order customers and it does not look like I will be receiving my handset for any time soon. Oh, well patience is a virtue... I guess.

I am not camping for the new iPhone 6+

I am not camping for the new iPhone 6+, but it is not because I don’t think it is a great phone. I honestly think this is going to be a game changer for Apple and the iOS community. The real reason is that I am changing carriers to T-Mobile! I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, they have worse coverage than Verizon. However, they are saving me $2400 a year! I can deal with poor coverage in areas that I don’t travel to much for that kind of saving.